What will this cost me?

Most of the time, scuba equipment servicing is pretty straight forward. We can provide estimates before starting any service upon request. However, from time to time, parts do need to be replaced that are not part of the normal “service kits”. Unfortunately, many of these defective parts are only found after the equipment has been disassembled. We always do our best to keep additional costs to a minimum without compromising your safety.

Used parts will not be returned to customers unless requested when equipment is dropped off for service. Any used parts returned to customers will first be rendered unusable by our service technicians.

Detailed descriptions of our services can be found here.

Our maintenance prices are as follows: (**NOTE** Prices effective January 1st 2024)

Regulator Services

**Parts are extra**
Overhaul 1st Stage - Labour$35.00
Overhaul 2nd Stage (primary or octo) each - Labour$30.00
Overhaul Console - Labour$12.00
Regulator Diagnostics Test and Estimate$30.00
Regulator Inspection (1st stage, 2nd stage, Octo and Console)$30.00
Clean Regulators for Use with EANx Above 40%+$15.00
Ultrasonic Cleaning to Remove Salt, Corrosion, Deposits+$12.00
Refill Silicone Environmental Seal+$15.00
Refill Atomic Aquatics Environmental Seal+$45.00

Tank Servicing

**Parts are extra**
Annual VIP (includes new valve o-ring, sticker and fill)$30.00
Hydrostatic testing (includes VIP and fill)$65.00
Tumble (inside cleaning)$50.00
Disassemble and Reassemble Twin Tanks$25.00
Tank Valve Overhaul - single valve (parts extra)$30.00
Tank Valve Overhaul - while tank is in for Hydrostatic test (parts extra)$15.00
Additional cost for Nitrox/O2 cleaning a single valve+$10.00
A printed Visual Inspection report can be provided upon request.

EANx Services

**Parts are extra**
Annual VIP, If No O2 Cleaning Required (includes new valve o-ring, sticker and fill)$35.00
Oxygen Clean Tank for Use with EANx, No Sticker$45.00
Oxygen Clean Tank for Use with EANx, with Sticker$55.00
Clean Regulators for Use with EANx Above 40% O2+$15.00

BCDs Services

**Parts are extra**
BCD Inspection$30.00
BCD Overhaul - Labour$40.00

Dive Computer Services

**Parts are extra**
Computer Battery Change (includes battery kit and pressure test to 140') for most models$55.00
Transmitter Battery Change (includes battery kit and pressure test to 100') for most models$45.00