What if you need something?

As a new diver, you probably don’t have everything you need.  Heck, we have veteran divers who need an extra piece once in a while.  We of course can help you with that.  Here is a list of pricing for our rentals.

Rental Policies

  1. All gear must be returned clean and dry:
    • All neoprene items (suits, boots, gloves, hoods) must be fresh water rinsed, and hung dry prior to return
    • Scuba cylinders must be returned clean (no mud, grass, etc.) and with a minimum of 300 psi of air. A $25 VIP charge will apply to tanks returned empty
    • Regulator must be rinsed, with dust cap in place. When cleaning, do not submerge regulator first stage
    • BCD must be fresh water rinsed and all water drained from the bladder
    • All accessory items must be fresh water rinsed and dried prior to return (mask, snorkel, fins, weight, compass, knife, etc.)
    • All equipment must be returned on the specified date. Daily rental fees will be charged for each day equipment is late
  2. All rentals are per person, per day and do not includes taxes
  3. All rentals are subject to a deposit
  4. Pickup time is after 4pm, and must be returned by noon the next day

Full equipment package

Includes: Tank(s), Regulator, BCD, Wetsuit, Boots, Gloves, Hood
Weight Belt with weights rental rates noted below.
1 Tank Daily Package (Weekdays)$60.00
2 Tank Daily Package (Weekdays)$70.00
1 Tank Daily Package (Weekend)$80.00
2 Tank Daily Package (Weekend)$90.00
Weekly Package (including 2 tanks)$390.00
Weekly Traveling South Package (no tanks)$250.00
Cleaning Fee (if not returned as per rental policy)$25.00

Individual Items

Weekday DailyWeekend DailyWeekly
Scuba Cylinder (Air)$15.00$20.00$90.00
Regulator with Console$20.00$25.00$120.00
Wetsuit (7mm)$15.00$20.00$90.00
Weights (per lbs)$0.50$0.50$2.00

Tank Fills

The following policies apply to all tank fills:

  • Cylinders are filled at 300-600 PSIG per minute to service pressure
  • Cylinders must have current hydrostatic test and formal visual inspection with visual plus
  • Only DOT, DOT/CTC, TC cylinders will be filled
  • Cylinders will not be over-pressurized

Cylinders will not be filled if:

  • Shoulder codes cannot be read
  • Valve has no pressure relief device or non multiport burst disk
  • Dents, bulges, line corrosion, pits or heat discoloration is present
  • Cylinder has known or suspected history of over-pressurization

Tank Fills

Air Fill (up to 149 CF tank) $12.00
Nitrox Fill (up to 40% 02, up to 149 CF tank)$18.00
Nitrox fill (over 40% – includes O2 cylinders)$0.75/cf (max. of 2400 psi)
Air Fill – 30 Fill Air Card$270.00
Air Fill – 10 Fill Air Card$100.00