By on February 23, 2018

Yes… we can fix it too!


We service everything we sell.  We also keep a large inventory of parts, so in most cases we have just what you need.  If you have a warranty issue, we can take care of that too, as long as you bought it from us.  All our maintenance is done with parts, compounds and procedures that are compatible with O2 use, up to 40%.  Ask us if you require service higher than that.

Our maintenance prices are as follows:

Regulator Services **Parts are extra**

Annual Service Labour – 1st Stage$30.00
Annual Service Labour – 2nd Stage and Octo (each)$25.00
Annual Service Labour – Console$10.00
Regulator Diagnostics Test and Estimate$25.00
Annual Regulator Inspection (1st stage, 2nd stage, Octo and Console)$25.00
Clean Regulators for Use with EANx Above 40%+$10.00
Ultrasonic Cleaning to Remove Salt, Corrosion, Deposits+$10.00
Refill Environmental Seal+$15.00


Tank Servicing **Parts are extra**

Annual VIP (includes new valve o-ring, sticker and fill)$30.00
Hydrostatic testing (includes VIP and fill)$50.00
Tumble (inside cleaning)$50.00
Disassemble Twin Tanks, Service Manifold$25.00
Tank Valve Overhaul (parts extra)$25.00


EANx Services **Parts are extra**

Annual VIP Inspection, If No O2 Cleaning Required$25.00
Oxygen Clean Tank for Use with EANx, No Sticker$45.00
Oxygen Clean Tank for Use with EANx, with Sticker$55.00
Clean Regulators for Use with EANx Above 40% O2+$10.00


BCDs Inspection and Maintenance **Parts are extra**

Inspection – Check Inflate/Deflate Functions and Leak Test$25.00
Clean Out Inflator Hoses, Exhaust Valves, and Replace Required Parts$35.00


Computer Maintenance **Parts are extra**

Computer Service (includes pressure test to 140')$50.00